he challenge in today’s world for any volunteer organization in the growth of          membership, relates to the tendency of prospects to pose the question ‘what’s in it for me?’.  How does one respond?  It is firmly engrained in the minds of so many that for the investment of personal time and effort, something tangible and concrete must be received in return.  It is likened to going to a shopping mall, putting your money on the table and expecting and receiving an agreed upon service or product.  Quality and warranty included!     n a faith based organization such as the Knights of Columbus and all that the Order      offers and stands for, there is one thing that is significantly different that relates     to the mind-set of a brother knight.  It is called ‘living the Catholic faith’ each and every day and as completely and fully as possible.  And, experience teaches us that in spite of doing so to the best of our ability, there may still remain a vestige of burning hunger that never quite seems to be quenched.  Unlike the shopping mall, there is no return desk or refund.  Instead, as Catholic gentlemen and strong supporters of the Church, we make a conscious effort every day to exemplify all of the principles of our Order – Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  In so doing, we strengthen our own faith and hope for the future and that of our like-minded brother knights.     ome, then, and experience the 4th degree first hand.  The hallmark of the 4th     degree is the privilege and honor that it is to be called a Sir Knight.  The wearing of     regalia and carrying the sword has a very special meaning – that of honoring Christ and his apostles.  Experience the value and worth that results from participation in an honor guard at the funeral of a loved one.  Feel the civic pride resulting from the participation in a parade on such occasions as St. Patrick’s Day or the Navan Fair.  This is one way for a Sir Knight to answer the 4th Degree call to Patriotism.  And of the utmost importance, feel the joy and blessedness of being a part of the ‘New Evangelization’ called for by St. John Paul II some thirty years previous.  The National March For Life, Pro-Life Masses and the Corpus Christi parade are prime examples of making a visible statement of announcing and promoting what we as Catholic gentlemen and brother knights believe in and support.      or more information,  click on the “Contact Us” button and message any one of the      available contacts listed.
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