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  istory too often is pushed to the side or simply forgotten.  The questions of “what,   when, where, who and why’ will hang in limbo until such time as there is little or no   opportunity to retrieve and preserve, in this case, the history of Cartier Assembly   860.   n the beginning, the Charter for the Cartier General Assembly was issued on January   14th, 1922.  It was not until the 75th anniversary of the assembly (1997) that the   first observable attempt was made to collect and record our history.  S/K Matt   Beahen, Past Faithful Navigator (1978-1980), authored a historical article for the booklet published to honour the 75th anniversary.  And, recognition must go to Ottawa Council 485, the oldest council in Ontario.  On January 29th, 2000, Council 485 celebrated their 100th anniversary.  They produced a booklet titled “A Century of Service 1900 – 2000”, which provides a significant overview of the Knight of Columbus in Ottawa right from the very beginning on Saturday, November 18th, 1899.  On that date, a meeting was held and the principles and purposes of the Order were explained to attendees by two prominent brother knights from Montreal.  A significant point, as before the establishment of Assembly 860, Sir Knights from the Montreal area were active in Ottawa.     further source of collecting information on the history of our Order in Ontario,    happened in 1963 with the publication of “Knights of Columbus in Ontario 1900 –    1963”.  It includes a listing of Vice Supreme Masters, Masters and State Chaplains    of the Fourth Degree.  Of note, at the time Sir Knight Vincent Kelly was a State Officer, holding the position of State Secretary.  He later would become the Worthy Master of First Ontario District (1967 – 1969). The history of the formative years of the assembly is largely unknown, as evidenced by the number of ‘unknown’ PFN’s on the existing list.  This includes not knowing the name of the Charter Faithful Navigator.  Unfortunately, at the time the charter was issued, the names of charter members were not included on the charter, as is the custom today.    ver the course of our history, the assembly has been involved in some high profile,    major events.  There are tidbits of information on the Knights of Columbus Catholic    Army Huts, some of which were in Ottawa. During the time of war, council and    assembly meetings were not held.  That did not prevent the membership from    supporting the war effort by manning the war huts, locally and abroad.    he International Marion Congress was held in Ottawa in June 1947.  The Archbishop    and the Papal Nuncio had approached the assembly requesting assistance for this    weeklong affair.  The primary duty was to provide honor guards where needed,    although there were likely other areas of support provided for by the members of the assembly.    n 1967, Canada’s Centennial Year, the assembly chartered a train to Montreal and    Expo ’67.  Approximately 1,000 Sir Knights, ladies and children participated.  The    Flag Day concept was developed by the assembly and proposed to Parliament in the    form of a petition.  National Flag Day, of course, came about under the Honorable Jean Chretien Liberal government in 1996.    undraising is not a function of the 4th degree.  That is left to the 3rd degree, the    workhorse of our Order. Still, in 1968 at the requests of the Papal Pronuncio,    Cartier Assembly spearheaded a campaign to raise funds from brother knights in    Ontario in order to provide medical aid in Latin America.     During the period 1972-1979, the Lobster/Homard Supper and Dance was held annually in May to provide funds for two camps no longer operating – Camp Echon and Camp St. Joseph.    ather Patrick Pharand, O.S.M., Faithful Friar (1982-1989), instituted the Marian    Hour Mass, Rosary of our Most Sorrowful Mother, and Devotions that were held on    the third Sunday afternoon of each month at St. Anthony’s Church.  The theme was    “Bring Mary Back Home”.    n 1984, Pope John Paul II made his first of three visits to Canada.  The Knights of    Columbus – both 3rd and 4th degree members – were heavily involved in supporting    this event.     display of Papal Stamps took place in the Scavi of St. Patrick’s Basilica in April    2011.  A brother knight from St. Paul’s Parish in Richmond, B.C., had over the    years put this special collection together.  It took 160 frames/stands rented from    the RA Centre on which to display the collection.  A commemorative video was made of the event.     urrently, there are two-hundred and eight members of Cartier Assembly.  The    assembly is blessed to have thirteen Past Faithful Navigators still with us, quite    remarkable indeed.    our questions may be directed to Sir Knight Henry Kinsella. Click on ‘Contact Us’    button and click on the mail button for the Faithful Comptroller.
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